Himsorbent Today

Himsorbent is a company with traditions. Production was established and developed in difficult, sometimes critical conditions. But it is these challenges that enabled the company to become a leading manufacturer of alkylethanolamines, to achieve high quality products and to receive international recognition. We really have something to be proud of. Our long-term partners include many major Russian and international companies. By upgrading our production facilities, we were able to significantly increase production volumes. The quality of our products complies with all approved standards.

But our achievements and success do not allow us to stand still. Our future development plans provide for a 50% increase in production volume and expansion of the number of products and their brands. Some people might consider that now is not the best time for ambitious plans. We objectively analyse the situation and are ready for any challenges that we will undoubtedly face. But it is our history, traditions and responsibility in all areas that will give us strong support in implementing the most daring designs.



We contribute to sustained development of the Russian industry by producing and supplying amines of adequate quality, maintaining moreover high professional, technological and social standards of the Company’s operation.


  • Achievement of production capacity of 20,000 tonnes per year.
  • Leading alkylethanolamine market player.
  • Proven reputation as a reliable and stable supplier of products and services.