CJSC «Himsorbent» is the only methyldiethanolamine and dimethylethanolamine manufacturer in Russia and the CIS countries. Quality control is our key focus at each production stage. Consistent with the effective global standards, Himsrobent products may also be customized to meet the highest expectations of clients.

  • Gas Treatment Nowadays the most recent upcoming market trend towards absorbents for gas treatment is the utilization of special modified MDEA as next generation product used in oil refineries and gas processing plants as well as in LNG plants.
  • Fiber and textile industry Methylethanolamine is used as lubricant by the production of acetate rayon. Dimethylethanolamine is used as polishing agent by dyeing of polyester/cotton.
  • Water treatment Dimethylethanolamine is used as flocculant precursors for water treatment. This product binds the finest waterborne particles and converts them into sediment. Products based on DMEA are environmentally friendly and adopted by the EU.
  • Paint-and-varnish industry Dimethylethanolamine is used by the production of water-based paints and varnishes as amine neutralizers. DMEA are also used as component of crosslinkers for epoxy, alkyd materials.